Licensed Land Surveyor for NY and VT. 

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  • Regen LLC benefits from 32 years experience in land surveying with services to include:
    • Residential / commercial boundary surveying.
    • Residential / commercial topographic surveying.
    • Boundary delineation and sign posting.
    • Subdivisions.
    • Easements / Rights-Of-Way.
    • Mortgage surveys.
    • Horizontal / vertical utility layout.
    • F.E.M.A. flood elevation certificates.
    • Historical Survey Research.
    • Public / private document research.
    • FAA Certification Letters in both 2C and 1A accuracy standards.
    • Survey Document Recording Services.
  • Electronic document organization systems.
    • Blueprint and Multi-Media Map scanning (includes large format documents).
    • Geographical Information Services (GIS) and Three Dimensional (3D) Elevation Simulations.
    • Digitizing of existing paper maps and blueprints.
    • Creation of digital maps with database management.

Consumer Information:

What is a Land Surveyor - Informational site that describes the services surveyors can provide and how it relates to property owners.


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